Web Time Table

Please click on the appropriate semester to view the online web timetable. You can also view the timetable for previous semesters.

No.SemesterClassesStart Date
1.Semester 1, Academic Year 2019/202012415/21/2019
2.Trimester 1, Academic Year 2019/20201555/21/2019
3.English Term 1 Academic Year 2019/202065/21/2019
4.English Term 2 Academic Year 2019/2020610/7/2019
5.Trimester 2, Academic Year 2019/202013510/7/2019
6.Semester 2, Academic Year 2019/2020124010/7/2019

Please note that from Academic Year 2008/2009, Foundation Students will follow a trimester calendar while Degree students will follow the normal semester calendar.